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Beat what your savings account is giving you through Point-of-Sale Financing! With Jungle, you can get a return of 7.5% up to 20% per POS loan transaction.

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How to Earn with Jungle

  • Create & Fund Account

    Sign up for a Jungle account and deposit your funds to get started earning through POS financing.

  • Earn Through Interest

    Your money earns through interest from POS loans extended to consumers nationwide.

  • True Passive Income

    Jungle takes care of credit checking, repayment collections, and disbursement of your funds plus gains to your account.


What is POS Financing and how does it work?

When a person wants to purchase goods or services and wants to pay in monthly installments without a credit card, that is POS Financing.

Jungle finances those point-of-sale transactions using funders' money and collects repayments from borrowers together with interest. We then disburse funds with interest collected from borrowers to our funders' accounts every month.

How much do Jungle Funders earn?

Our funders get a return of 7.5% up to 20% per POS loan transaction.

A Jungle loan has a term of 3, 6, or 12 months. So, you'll get your funds plus interest within 3, 6, or 12 months as well.

What happens when a borrower is late or fails to pay the loan?

Jungle shares both the risks and the rewards to our funders as a POS financing platform.

Like any other loan transactions, POS loans work the same. When a borrower is late to make monthly repayments, your funds with interest will be late for disbursement as well.

All Jungle loans come with a contract that ties our borrowers to an obligation to repay their loans. We have partnered with a number of local field collection agencies to ensure that those who will default will still be able to repay their loans.

What happens when a borrower suddenly die?

All Jungle loan transactions are covered with Credit Life, a life insurance plan designed to pay the total amount loaned by a borrower.

This makes all Jungle loan transactions protected against the risk of a borrower's sudden death.

How does Jungle handle withdrawals?

All fund withdrawals will be deposited to the funder's elected bank account.

In the event that a funder has no bank account, we will release a check to accommodate the withdrawal request.